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★★★★★Dr Duquette has helped me learn what my body needs to be healthy. I was able to learn new patterns and behaviors through his guidance. He's very kind and easily accessible...always willing to talk/call you back to discuss concerns. - Noel P

★★★★★I would recommend anyone with any health problem who lives in central Illinois see Dr. Duquette before they waste their time with any other doctor. - Sharon H

★★★★★Love Dr. Duquette's content! - Andrew J

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★★★★★ Me and my 1 year old have been patient of Dr Duquette for past 2 months.. My 1 year old had failure to thrive from the time she was one month old.. and we've been to every specialist for her.. no one could figure out the problem and finally i somehow found out about Dr Duquette and he ordered some tests and figured out underlying problems and she has some of the issues resolved already and still working on some of her other conditions.. And I have had infertility since past 5 years and struggled to have my first child.. I joined Dr Duquette for my thyroid problems, hormonal problems that I have had all my life.. I feel so much better in just 2 months into the program and just 2 months into the program ...I have gotten PREGNANT again without any conventional medications.. YAY that is unbelievable. - Roma G

★★★★★ I had suffered from digestive issues, insomnia, skin rashes, mouth sores, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and a growing list of food allergies from the time I was a child. I did a lot of research and cut out gluten, etc. I did feel better, however, I did not seem to improve significantly. Dr. Duquette connected all the symptoms and his treatment has greatly improved my health! I also really appreciate Kendra's knowledge and recommendation of non-toxic products and creating a healthy diet and home. My health journey continues, but I know that it is worth it! - Wendy P

★★★★★ 5 Starr Experience , went from headaches everyday for forty years tovery few in three months. And new hope, now that I know pain free is possible. I can't begin to tell you what I've been through, never thought headache free was possible for me. I'm living a new life. Thanks Doc. - Steve P

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