Am I a candidate for Dr. Duquette's Treatments?

There are very few health conditions we cannot help. However, there are many other aspects that make a person a good candidate for care with Dr. Duquette so not all patients will be accepted.  Dr. Duquette and his team will determine if you are a candidate for care based on the initial case review and then move forward with program recommendations.  If you reside outside of Central Illinois or Bloomington Illinois, you can still become a patient with minimal required office visits.

Do I need to stop taking my medications?

No, Dr. Duquette does not prescribe or un-prescribe medications.  When your condition improves, you may discuss stopping medications with the prescribing doctor as the need for treating the symptoms disappears.

Can my medical doctor order the tests?

Most medical doctors do not treat the functional causes of disease as we do.  They, therefore, would have little knowledge of or reason to order these specialized tests.

Will my insurance cover this care?

Our Functional Medicine approach is structured much differently than what you experience within the current conventional medical system. Our goal is to get your body to the point of health and wellness that allows you to thrive and not stay under care or on medications indefinitely, because of this approach, most anything that is coded to Functional care will not be covered by a standard insurance carrier. If we were to change our approach in order to participate directly in that system, we would have to lower our standards of care and would not be able to create the impactful, positive outcomes that we are committed to providing. If necessary and/or requested, we can provide a statement at the end of care for tax or health sharing account reimbursement purposes.

How much do treatments cost?

Initial Consultations, including Virtual and In-Person visits, are always at no charge.
As the Functional Lab Testing performed and length of care vary due to individual health concerns and findings, the complete cost of care can also vary greatly from one person to the next. After a review of your case, Dr. Duquette and his staff will determine the course of care for your specific needs and go over the time and cost with you prior to starting the program.