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27 May 2015

The Truth Behind Cholesterol

Are you interested in knowing the truth behind cholesterol? Click below to read more!The Cholesterol Farce PDF       

05 February 2015

Illinois Migraine Treatment

We treat a lot of patients with migraines in our Illinois headache clinic, and if you are afflicted with repeated migraines (18% of women and 6% of men do,...

15 December 2014

Migraine Relief Through Changes in Diet

We see many migraine sufferers in our Bloomington, IL office, and if you suffer from migraine headaches,  you know how difficult they can be. In...

20 November 2014

Chronic Pain and Vitamin D

Our health is a complex balance of hormones, vitamins, blood chemistry, immunology, neurology, and genetics. When any of these elements are out of balance,...

11 November 2014

Understanding Fibromyalgia

When it comes to treating fibromyalgia effectively in our Bloomington functional medicine office, finding the underlying cause is the key to a successful,...