LGS, Leaky Gut Syndrome

LGS, Leaky Gut Syndrome

LGS or leaky gut syndrome is at an epidemic level around the globe. Some even deny its existence even in the light of a multitude of rechearch proving its existence. Some medical circles, I imagine, do not want it to be a real condition most likely because they would not know how to treat or resolve it. It is real. I have seen it in almost every patient I have had for the past 20 years of practice. Let me explain what it is. The cells of the small bowel are supposed to be tightly packed together. The space between the colon cells are actually called Tight Junctions. The reason for this is to allow the body enterocytes, colon cells, to determine what gets into the body and what doesn't. To determine what is friend or foe, food or toxin. You get the idea. With LGS, a protein called Zonulin is produced allowing for the cell's tight junctions to loosen and separate. This separation can now allow large molecules to pass freely without the innate scrutiny of the enterocytes.

Whole proteins, bacterial coatings or toxins. These large particles and molecules pass and then create a local immune and inflammatory response which if repeated over time may go systemically. The development of LGS is commonly the result of antibiotic treatments, excessive alcohol consumption, other toxic medications and stress. All these factors can lead to an imbalance of the microbiome of the gut known as dysbiosis and dysbiosis always leads to leaky gut. LGS is a primary reason for the development of autoimmunity. If you have a leaky gut bacteria, viruses, fungi, undigested protein and toxins can have easy access into the body. These unwanted proteins and peptides are targeted by the immune system right as they enter the bowel. The immune system reads the protein's amino acid sequence, remembers it and tags it for destruction. The problem is that the immune system is indiscriminate and will also attack naturally found body protein that only needs to resemble the invader. This is called molecular mimicry.

For example, the link between dairy consumption, LGS and type two diabetes. Dairy protein, casen, resembles the proteins naturally found in the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. If that individual drinks two large glasses of milk each day for many days and has leaky gut let’s say from multiple antibiotic treatments, they then have a high likelihood of their immune system tagging the casen for destruction along with the proteins of the pancreas which produce insulin. When this happens, everytime that individual consumes dairy, the immune system dumps more antibodies to target that protein in the blood and the pancreas. A leaky gut can be resolved by simply removing the instigators, stress, dysbiosis, alcohol, etc. Then inoculate with a potent probiotic, supplement with L-Glutamine, lower your stress level as much as possible and eat a clean diet rich in organic veggies, fats and healthy animal proteins. . Once the cells are tightly packed together again, the regional gut immune system will slowly but eventually calm down reducing the targeting of self tissue proteins. This may take many months to accomplish so be very patient and seek the advice of a functional medicine doctor for guidance.

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November 14, 2022