If You Think You Can or Can't…You're Right!

If You Think You Can or Can't…You're Right!

The power of the mind is immeasurable. Every thought that you have has a specific vibration or electromagnetic oscillation to that particular thought or idea. We all are bathing in a sea of these thought vibrations emanating from ourselves and others. Each one of them has the potential to affect our actions and behaviors. To change our destiny's without us even knowing it's happening. Every successful person whether it be in finance, acting, literature or the mechanic down the street, needs to see the end of their journey before they start. A precise picture of the destination with an accompanying mantra to support this goal. This is really all you need, the mind will go into autopilot and navigate your actions to get there.

Successful people have a clear image of what they want. Many don't even realize they are visualizing their destiny, but they are. In everyday life you can put this to the test and it works time after time after time. The key is to really believe it to be true without a doubt. Just saying you would like something to change is no more than wishful thinking and not taken seriously by universal ears. Not only the mantra but the belief behind it is important. Passion, passion and more passion. There are limits to this of course. You could believe you are the healthiest person but if you are enjoying a stressful life and eating garbage foods you will not have longevity on your side. Luckily, the mind that believes you are striving to be the healthiest person possible would not direct you to the local fast food establishments when you're hungry. This action step would of course be counterproductive to your innate thinking. If you believe you can achieve a healthy life, void of disease, your brain will automatically lead you to each step needed to get there. You don't even have to consciously plot it out. Your mind will go on cruise control and navigate to your destination.

In my office I have a rule, you can't own your disease or symptoms of that disease. If you do, you will never conquer them. So stop referring to “your fibromyalgia” or “my depression” , don't put your conditions in the same class as your grandkids or other things you love. Say “my children” say “my beautiful home” but never say “my bipolar disorder.” Stop owning it. Also, in order for you to rid yourself of what you don’t want, you must first of all accept and love yourself unconditionally despite the fact that you have this. The best starting point to any recovery from anything is to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. I didn’t know this little tidbit until about ten years ago. Here it is. It is physiologically impossible to be unhappy when the corners of your mouth are up. So, whether you feel like smiling or not, put a smile on your face and watch your mood and outlook improve. People will start treating you better, they will smile back. It actually changes your brain's chemistry. So try it. Never underestimate the power between your ears but also understand its limitations. The mind is just another part of the body so how you treat one will affect the other. A good mindset will lead the way to a healthy body. A healthy body will help the mind find clarity, foresight and understanding.

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January 10, 2023
dr duquette

Drew Duquette

Dr. Drew C. Duquette, before practicing Functional Medicine in Bloomington Illinois, began his career as a Chiropractic Physician in 1980. He hails from Michigan, where he studied chemistry and biology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Duquette also holds a BS degree in human biology. His post-graduate studies in Functional Medicine have led him to develop a break-through system of highly effective traditional and alternative methods designed to help patients with serious chronic health needs. Dr. Duquette is a dynamic voice in the Functional Medicine community. He is the leading expert on treating Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches, IBS, Thyroid issues and other Autoimmune and chronic conditions, without drugs or surgery, in the Central Illinois area.