Functional Medicine: The Gatekeeper of Healthcare

Functional Medicine: The Gatekeeper of Healthcare

If I were an alien coming to earth for the first time and I was offered the choice of two healthcare systems; one, that manages the symptoms of disease with synthetic chemicals or surgical removal of the damaged organs, or, one that resolves the underlying root causes of the sickness, it would be a no brainer; Address the root cause!. Functional Medicine is the only medical discipline that, in its purest sense, treats the causes of chronic disease, not just its symptoms.

Understanding Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine addresses disease prevention and care. That which cures is what also prevents. Conventional medicine does a stellar job with acute emergency care. For example, if you have a heart attack or are in a serious car accident, conventional medicine can be life saving. But, conventional medicine fails miserably at addressing chronic complex diseases. This is because medications and surgeries are simply treatments to “manage” the symptoms of the disease, not resolve the disease itself. Prescription medications will only buy the patient some time with temporary relief but after years of increasing the dose or prescribing stronger medications, conventional medications will inevitably stop working.

At this point the conventional doctor will usually say, “There’s nothing else I can do for you” and he or she would be right. There is nothing else that can be done except perhaps surgery. Patients are finally waking up and understand that being healthy is more than just feeling symptom free. Patients must learn to get and stay healthy and eliminate what is destroying their health. One stop shopping for all your health care needs does not exist. Functional Medicine is the entry point for those who wish to find their solution to whatever health issues they are experiencing. Functional Medicine is also the right place to find an experienced doctor to guide you through the process of actual healing. Everyone has an innate doctor and pharmacy which knows better than anyone what it needs. My job as a functional Medicine physician is to assist your internal doctor by removing that which impedes your health and supply.

My goal is to empower my patients with the imperial knowledge to get healthy and stay healthy. If further assistance is needed by the patient, a functional medicine doctor can assist in further health resolution. Functional Medicine is different from conventional medicine which is needed in the care of emergencies. All health disciplines have their own important roles in health care and Functional Medicine is second in line right behind our own innate intelligence. Give me a call with any questions or to schedule an appointment with me in Bloomington, Il today!

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October 12, 2022
dr duquette

Drew Duquette

Dr. Drew C. Duquette, before practicing Functional Medicine in Bloomington Illinois, began his career as a Chiropractic Physician in 1980. He hails from Michigan, where he studied chemistry and biology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Duquette also holds a BS degree in human biology. His post-graduate studies in Functional Medicine have led him to develop a break-through system of highly effective traditional and alternative methods designed to help patients with serious chronic health needs. Dr. Duquette is a dynamic voice in the Functional Medicine community. He is the leading expert on treating Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches, IBS, Thyroid issues and other Autoimmune and chronic conditions, without drugs or surgery, in the Central Illinois area.